Twenty years ago the Industrial shaft of Katowice was transformed into a Contemporary Art Gallery. Since 2008 it has been the home of the International Festival of Naïve Art. In the beginning it was called Nikisz-For, whereas since 2010 its official name is the Art Naif Festiwal.

Today the Art Naif Festiwal in Poland is one of the largest International Festivals of Naïve Art in Europe. This unique festival brings together “Self Taught” artists from all over the world, as they exhibit their artworks in Katowice, Poland. During the two months (June to August) the post-industrial interiors of the Wilson Shaft Gallery are filled with paintings, ceramics, and sculptures created by Naïve artists from across the world. Furthermore, this exciting event showcases art workshops for kids, concerts and ArtJarmark in Nikiszowiec (Katowice).

The Art Naif Festiwal aims not only to encourage a diversity of Naïve art across cultures but also to change the lives of local society through art. We also want to unite people from different cultures, from different ages and from different backgrounds.


What? The Art Naif Festiwal is a unique exhibition of the naïve art in Poland: last year we exhibited approximately 1,500 artworks created by 400 artists from 46 countries. This exhibition is popular not only with the local Silesian community or tourists, but also with foreign guests, strongly interested in naive art. In 2019 almost 40,000 visitors took part in the events of the Festiwal!

When? From June 26th until August 21th 2020.

Where? The Szyb Wilson Gallery, ul. Oswobodzenia 1, Katowice, Poland

Who can participate? We invite artists from all over the world to participate in the Art Naif Festiwal. 

How can artists participate? It is very simple – you just have to fill in the Technical Description, add photos of your paintings and send it to us via e-mail up to April 6th 2020 (the sooner the better). Next you will receive confirmation of participation. Please remember that your paintings should arrive in Poland no later than the May, 15th. The participation is free of charge, however, we ask you to transfer 25 EUR in order to cover the costs of sending the paintings back to you. All details concerning participation can be found in the Regulations.

We hope to see you in Katowice in June 2020!


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